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“They call it Coaching, but it is Teaching … You just don’t tell them, you SHOW THEM the Reasons Why. ~ Vince Lombardi

What do Socrates, Plato and Aristotle all have in common with Vince Lombardi, the iconic coach of the Green Bay Packers football team? They all occupied that rare space where upon waking they started out their days by asking WHY?! Individuals and businesses today spend most of their time explaining the “What” and the “How” of ideas, while most often ideas are created within the “Why”.

FM Solutions is no different, and after publishing our latest marketing brochure, leadership felt something was still missing. To most people, the brochure would appear to be a comprehensive listing of WHAT we do, HOW we do it, and WHO our clients are. We also have created innovative Mission and Vision Statements that reflect our companies three Core Values of Commitment to Integrity, A desire to Collaborate, and a Passion for Excellence. These are actually etched in glass in our office lobby!

FM Solutions like so many other businesses have faced many challenges in these past several years with the worldwide economic woes that forced many changes in our business framework. We discovered that, like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ, the answers of WHY we do what we do won’t come from an all-powerful wizard or outside advisors. The authentic answers come from within, from our leadership, staff and the clients we serve.

For a business to continue to evolve and innovate in this complex world market, we need to establish and optimize value to ourselves and our clients for the greater good. In order for our group of skilled and talented individuals to create a living, breathing business is to build it around our leadership, staff and local community, thus defining what our impact will be for our clients and customers.

This monthly blog, entitled “The Voices of FM Solutions”, will serve as a conduit for uncovering the layers and defining FM Solutions true purpose for existing … discovering our WHY. We hope to be the facilitator in discussions and insights into what enables groups and organizations to work together more effectively, to collaborate, and achieve that synergy that propels a company to that next level of success … the type of success that companies like Apple have achieved.

If FM Solutions is to create their own music … we must start with the lyrics, as that is where we will find that elusive meaning behind the WHY!

VLS/June 22, 2015

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