FMS President, Principal-in-Charge

Curtis, President of FMS, has more than 40 years of experience in Architecture, Interior Design, Facility Management, Asset Management and Project Management. He is one of the founders and CEO of FM Solutions. He has designed and managed a wide array of project types ranging from new buildings to renovations and additions of existing buildings.

Curtis has been instrumental in developing the Arizona State University course, “Assessing and Planning Facilities” which upon completion, students are certified in “Facility Condition Index (FCI) Assessments”. He is a past Chair of Arizona USGBC and is currently working on multi-organizational initiatives that bring University Students and Businesses together. He is one of the 8 key IFMA Fellows Advisers on a national level and has recently been appointed to be on the IFMA Fellow Nominating Committee and is Arizona State Facilithon Chair for the ongoing Facilithon competition for Skills USA. He is the designer of the Asset Management Tool called “Facilitize” (Capital Renewal and Operational & Maintenance Tool). Curtis also annually teaches classes at ASU in Facility Assessments, Facility Management, Business and Finance, Project Management, Energy Management and Procurement.

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