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Our core values drive our results.

Ask any of our clients and they will say the same thing: Collaboration, Integrity and Excellence aren’t just words to FM Solutions. They are living, breathing pillars of our success and are embodied in each person at the company.

Commitment to Integrity: We believe in fairness, honesty and accountability by always doing what we say we will. One active demonstration of Integrity is not putting financials first. While financials are very important to our business, when they are put before other core values, the right decisions are often the wrong ones for the client, project or relationship.

A Desire to Collaborate: We believe in listening, understanding and building enduring collaborative relationships first. Only then, do we bring our vast experience into the conversation.

A Passion for Excellence: Our objective is to always exceed our client’s expectations. In practice, we utilize interviews, surveys and a face-to-face “Lessons Learned” process after each engagement to determine if we succeeded and how to improve. Moreover, we encourage excellence in all our employees through continuing education, certifications and cross-training in positions throughout our company.

5 business units working as one.

Under the banner of FM Solutions, we have five business units that work independently or in tandem on projects. This versatile team of professionals—all working under the shared values of Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence—have the skills and expertise to quickly adapt to any situation or contingency. Our solutions are unique in their confluence of skills and perspectives. With architecture, facility consulting, field services, project management and property management all under one roof, FM Solutions’ full-service team can address all your needs now—and into the future.

A relationship-centric approach you’ll like.

What if working with planners, architects, designers and maintenance teams was more like collaborating with a group of talented friends on project they’re passionate about? That’s the spirit of partnership we bring to everything we do. While that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be having dinner together on Friday night, it does mean every Monday morning you can count on our trusted team driven by Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence to deliver for you.

Collaboration that pays dividends.

While our relationship focus makes working together easier, it also yields results as tangible as concrete and steel. We invest a great deal of time to meticulously understand our client’s business from every angle. Without preconceived answers clouding our judgment, we see what’s REALLY there, what’s missing—and most importantly—what’s possible. We share ideas candidly. We go farther than you expect. We find pre-emptive solutions to challenges you didn’t know existed, while providing options you didn’t know were in your budget. The result? Customized solutions that save money and exceed your expectations in form, function and satisfaction.

Collaborative relationships are a powerful competitive advantage for us. This highly personal approach to business has earned us one of highest client-retention rates in the industry. To date more than 80 percent of our revenue comes from existing and repeat clients, with the other 20 percent coming from referrals and new RFPs.

Employees first.

While we are a highly client-focused and service-driven company, the most important relationship we nurture is with our employees. We believe that happy employees make for happy clients. From these roots grow the fruitful relationships that stand the test of time. In fact, we empower all our employees to act in the best interest of the company and our clients. We back up any decision they make as long as it embodies our core values of Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence.

We look to hire employees who will stick with us. We compensate them well, support their career growth, and provide advancement within the organization. Simply put, our people are the very best in the industry.